Lets face it, many companies, brands and products have made an impression on us. Our buying decisions depend on it… and I know for myself, just being familiar with a name will cause me to choose that product over the unfamiliar one next to it.

I just listed my condominium with an agent I had never met. I had seen his advertising on a digital sign, sometimes twice daily. I liked that he was putting himself out there with his photos and successes. I thought “These folks will likely do the same to promote my property… they are very proactive”

So it is the getting in front of people that makes one known. And being known generates sales… a lot of sales. You will get the call before the next guy who is yet unknown.

Having operated our company, DigitalOutdoor.ca for many years and primarily in Kelowna B.C, I was very aware of the type of exposure that was being achieved for our customers. BCbillboards.ca is providing highway billboards at very busy highway locations. With up to 100,000 views per day, many of our customers renew year after year. They are achieving a lot of results and everyone in the area knows who they are. But then I thought, what about the seasonal advertiser wanting a 12 week run. Well certainly we could print a vinyl and install it for a shorter period. The production and install costs however raise the total monthly cost to the customer substantially not to mention the difficulty of frequent outdoor advertising changes in sometimes very cold weather on sites that can become inaccessible because of snow. This is the Okanagan valley, lots of snow and cold in winter months.

Having followed the digital outdoor sign industry for many years it followed that we would create digitaloutdoor.ca. We decided to begin a conversion to outdoor digital signs on some key sites with the goal of making available short term, versatile and dynamic digital outdoor advertising billboards. The technology allows for remote uploads of ad programming via internet connections and gives enormous versatility to the use of a particular ad spot. Any one advertiser can run multiple ads to suit seasonal promotions and pre – program their advertising to suit particular time periods during the week, weekend, summertime, fall or even morning, noon and night ad changes .The advertising medium is therefore customer driven. Digitaloutdoor.ca can provide customization not available in other mediums. When we converted a particular location to digital in West Kelowna B.C. it became apparent very quickly that it is was the most noticed and talked about sign in the area. It is I believe the lowest cost customizable option for advertisers. The dynamic changes between ads, with rich and colorful illumination make it a landmark . It is noticed…. It is looked at…. It is read ….and therefore makes the advertisers known.