The Latest LED Technology

Revolutionary LEDs

The costs of LEDs and other electronic components have gradually declined as large format digital displays in cityscapes replace static signs. This is important for a number of reasons. First a digital sign can display as many as 10 or 12 ads and reduce the demand for adding additional single-user signs. In other words the increase in the number of old style billboards is more or less over.

Next, actual costs to the advertiser are reduced in that a whole ad campaign can be run with multiple messages for what was once a large costly print and installation process.

And finally, environmental impact is greatly diminished. No more ad vinyl installation trucks idling will workers install and re-install huge vinyl printed ink tarps that ultimately need disposal or recycling.

Multi directional Light Sensor

The multi-directional light sensor is used in digital billboards to measure the amount of light shining directly on the display face,
the back of the display and ambient light. This information is used to dim or brighten the sign appropriately based on lighting conditions.

The additional features of our digital outdoor displays make the experience with the advertiser more user friendly. Knowing that you are making the best environmental choice for your company puts your best foot forward in your community and on your planet.

24/7 Diagnostic monitoring

All of our equipment is monitored electronically to provide instant reporting of equipment or lighting failure. Onsite spare parts and highly trained local technicians ensure the equipment runs continuously and flawlessly. On site web cams give us a remote visual view at all times to ensure your advertising panel is being displayed correctly. We have multiple back-up systems and computers that store your ad information during any unusual power failure to the sign. Automatic reboot systems ensure immediate startup the moment power is restored.

Our system software monitors such things as temperature and dimming levels to ensure the perfect and correct display at all times.

Intelligent Design

All signs are designed and installed to give the greatest visual impact while having an aesthetically pleasing structural. Advanced technology, and the use of very efficient and reliable LEDs, provides us with a more engaging and specific method of ad messaging.

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"The new digital sign advertising our winery & restaurant business at the Boucherie & Hwy 97 S. intersection has been fantastic!

We have witnessed a dramatic and steady customer base increase since the digital advertising began. The ad quality has been wonderful! Thank you Mountain Media!"

Robert & Bernice Louie Indigenous World Winery August 29, 2017

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