Digital Billboard Advertising Rates

Our rates at are very competitive. The more ad space you purchase, the more you save!

One ad slot equals:

  • 900 impressions per day
  • 6,300 impressions per week
  • 27,900 impressions per month

With digital billboard advertising, advertisers receive:

  • options for short term or seasonal advertising
  • options for multiple ad changes
  • day parting options: the ability to decide what times an ad will run

The cost per ad impression is significantly lower than traditional advertising methods.

Reserve your ad space and plan your seasonal campaigns.

Rates for

" We definitely found that the billboard helped our exposure. Your company was very easy to work with and the quality of the product was well worth the expense. Thanks very much. "

Susie Youle, Director of Sales Retirement Concepts August 29, 2017

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