Industry Overview

An explosion of conversions to digital

Today’s Digital sign industry is growing rapidly with an explosion of conversions to digital from single panel static signs. The industry is moving away from traditional billboards and is shifting in the direction of digital products. The reason for this is simple; greater versatility, lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

Continued R&D investments

Continued R&D investments and technological advances have enhanced digital sign efficiency. Digital sign products now have very high reliability and performance with little downtime. This translates into a higher acceptability by the advertiser. Digital outdoor displays that can convey multiple ads are rapidly becoming the medium of choice when selecting outdoor media options.

Benefits to the advertiser have grown with multiple ad changes, day parting (running different ads at different times of day) automatically adjusted brightness levels and proof of play reporting


The Billboard industry as a whole had a downturn after the 2008 financial meltdown and recession that followed. Advertising expenditures were reduced which slowed the manufacturing pace of new digital outdoor sign products. The industry however has recovered strongly and the acceptability of digital outdoor signs is growing rapidly. Many municipalities and cities are seeing the benefits to their community with a reduction of wooden signs, reduced motion that was blamed for distracting drivers, and by very reliable light sensors that manage brightness levels day and night. The end result is that governments can work with industry partners knowing that the technology has adapted to address their concerns. Today’s billboard companies are installing more aesthetic, efficient and low environmental impact signs to cityscapes.

Advertiser advantages rising

As a whole, corporate branding is thought to be given a boost by the proliferation of digital outdoor advertising. This versatility allows continuous use of a brand within ad campaigns while changing ad messaging.

Smaller markets coming on line

Canada’s more populated areas have accounted for the greatest number of new digital sign installations. Increasingly however Billboard companies such as are creating whole new brands themselves to promote the use of digital outdoor displays. One of these is focusing initially on some smaller but significant and rapidly growing markets such as West Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and the Okanagan Valley regions of British Columbia.

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