Unique Features of Digital Display

  • Distinctly different than all other outdoor advertising
  • Can purchase short term contract and run seasonal advertising
  • Illuminated 24/7
  • Stands out from all other signs
  • Automatically adjusts for light of day and is never too bright or too dim
  • Our Digital Displays have superior resolution at 16mm physical Pixel spacing (Pixel pitch)
  • Environmentally friendly
    • No trucks running to deliver and change ads
    • No huge vinyl and inks to use and continuously recycle or dispose
    • Uses 30% less power than conventional LED lights
    • Customer saves $1500 in print and install costs
  • Multiple ad changes possible, quick turn around and low cost
    • Broadcast multiple messages simultaneously with the shared medium
    • Digital artwork is uploaded into software program and transmitted to the display via high speed internet connection
    • Quickly change messages to reflect interest rate , seasons, weather , sales, promotions
  • Day Parting
    • Run your ad for lunch special and then a new ad for evening promo
    • Advertisers can decide what time of day they want their ads to run targeting their message to the audience just like radio and Television
  • Shared medium similar to TV and radio at far less cost
    • Draws attention because of the changing ad rotation
    • Less than $1.00 per 1000 views
    • Most other ad mediums range from $10 to $30 per 1000 views
Digital Display Features
Digital Display Features

" We definitely found that the billboard helped our exposure. Your company was very easy to work with and the quality of the product was well worth the expense. Thanks very much. "

Susie Youle, Director of Sales Retirement Concepts August 29, 2017

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