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About Digital Display Billboards

Digital billboards are electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking advertising to a new level. Electronic billboards have revolutionized the industry with cutting-edge technology in the most desired locations and markets.

Located on highways, major arteries, buildings, and city streets; digital billboards provide the flexibility of optimizing and changing your message in real time as well as engage and develop a dialog with your audience through unlimited creative iterations.

The Benefits of Digital Billboard Advertising

Businesses have been advertising since before the the 20th century; in modern times there are more ways than ever for businesses to connect with their audience. Billboards are a very popular form of advertising, seen all over North America in many places: on buildings, at bus stops, near bridges and at main intersections. Here we will look at the way digital billboards/digital displays have changed the advertising world in comparison to their traditional counterparts.

Digital Billboard Features

The content for digital billboards is created and sent to the digital sign location electronically – this greatly reduces time as well as printing costs.

Faster Turn-Around Time

With digital billboards the wait for publishing is almost completely eliminated because the digital ad is sent to the billboard electronically. Traditional billboard advertising requires the ad be printed in a large scale format and then installed on the billboard. Electronic processing greatly reduces the amount of time traditionally required to set up the advertisement.

Flexible Advertising

Traditional billboards often stay up for extended periods of time – this is really only ideal for lengthy advertising campaigns. With digital electronic billboards, ads can be altered quickly with far less forward planning.

Digital billboards are ideal for running ads over specific time periods, starting and ending on certain days to promote events or for advertising over shorter periods of time.

Specific Time Slots

By purchasing advertising space on a digital billboard, a business can run several different ads at different times during the day to increase the impact of their promotions; certain products and promotions will be more effective at certain times of day. Breakfast at a restaurant? Select the breakfast advertisement to display from 7am to 10am. Weekend drink and appetizer specials? Select this advertisement to run from 4pm to 9pm on a Friday night. It catches your target audience leaving work and preparing to unwind for the weekend.

The advent of digital advertising technology allows businesses to greatly enhance their advertising capabilities for their products and services. As technology continues to advance and consumer habits change, businesses can look to take advantage of digital outdoor billboard advertising.

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