Advantages Over Other Ad Media

Digital Outdoor Advertising offers many unique advantages that you won’t find in broadcast or print:

  • Change artwork with practically no lead time.
  • High traffic locations
  • Significantly less cost than broadcast and print
  • Ad Scheduling flexibility
  • Time sensitive communications
  • Custom ad solutions

What’s so different about being on the highway? One of the few places that your potential viewer is free from the handheld device, laptop, or television is in their car. And that is largely why the billboard industry has survived so well during this internet revolution. While print media is steadily declining the demand for highway billboards is growing.

Digital outdoor billboards attract attention for many reasons.


We all like illuminated color. Remember when black and white TVs were replaced with color? Everyone wanted one.


Human curiosity almost forces them to look at what is playing.

Traffic jam boredom

When the cars are lined up at least that driver has something to do…she can watch the ads and doesn’t have to listen to a loud and annoying television or radio commercial. As a matter of fact she can still be listening to her music and reading your ad.

Commuters and branding

Everyone who lives in the area and travels that stretch of road every day will know who you are…period!

Changing of ads

Driver’s eyes are automatically drawn to the motion and color so your ad is seen and absorbed more effectively than if it were on a static billboard in that same spot.

LED bulbs last 100,000 hours or more. That’s more than 11 years. Unless there is a complete and rare power outage your sign will remain the brightest and best thing to look at.

Change ads quickly for that upcoming weekend special. Once an ad is designed it is published to the sign at the click of a mouse. No waiting for printing and scheduling an install which takes weeks.

Multiple ad campaign

Instead of a one year single ad billboard, buy 2 or 3 short term digital spots. Run multiple ads and time slots and dominate the landscape with your ad campaign.

More colorful, more powerful message than anything out there. Your ad is virtually the size of a one bedroom apartment!

Imagine that you see a brand new digital LED on the horizon. Would you look at it? signs are all located in high traffic areas or intersection locations.

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" We definitely found that the billboard helped our exposure. Your company was very easy to work with and the quality of the product was well worth the expense. Thanks very much. "

Susie Youle, Director of Sales Retirement Concepts August 29, 2017

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